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EURYDIKE? vol. 2

world premiere   09–12 November 2023

EURYDIKE? vol. 2 

DanceMusicVideoInstallation for three female dancers + violin soloist + three accordion soloists

+ 2channel video + 10.2-channel audio

with the participation of male prisoners of the prisons of Dresden and Bautzen

and the choir of the prison of Dresden

idea + composition + SignMimoChoreography + direction + camera: Helmut Oehring

audio+video production + sound direction + film editing: Torsten Ottersberg / GOGH smp

text book + dramaturgy + photography: Stefanie Wördemann

dancers / vocalists: Katja Erfurth + Mia Carla Oehring + Kassandra Wedel

violin soloist / vocalist: Florian Mayer

accordion soloists / vocalists: Felix Kroll + Silke Lange + Susanne Stock

performer / vocalist: Joscha Oehring

singer + choir: male prisoners / choir of the prison Dresden

composition commissioned by the European Center for the Arts HELLERAU,

financed by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation


EURYDIKE? vol. 2 continues the cycle of documentary-poetic reply works to Monteverdi's L'Orfeo with a focus on contemporary perspectives: Two musical theaters based on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darknes - Orfeo14 vol. 1 in the context of global refugee movements with Le Concert d’Astrée / Emmanuelle Haïm + Ictus Ensemble at the Opéra Lille and DarkHeart or Orfeo17 vol. 2 with Kammerakademie Potsdam – as well as AudioVideoInstallation with performance EURYDIKE vol. 1 at SPOR Festival Århus + KONTRAKLANG Festival Berlin + Tonlagen Festival HELLERAU 2019 are currently followed by EURYDIKE? vol. 2. The DanceMusicVideoInstallation is based on the DNA of the audiovisual score and SignMimoChoreography: Interaction between the soloists' instrumental-vocal-dance interpretation, experimental camera work and editing composition generates silenced images and tinged sounds. RidgeWalk between the StillSpeakable and the NoLongerVoiced. The multidimensional grammar of space creates a through-time-grasping, poetic-documentary theater past the sound of silence. DeadMemory. Requiem. AnswerBurden of the survivors. On twelve loudspeakers hanging above the installation room and two projection surfaces between which the audience moves, EURYDIKE? vol. 2 reflects existences between victim and perpetrator, revenge and remorse, attempt and failure, utopia and surrender, social and media isolation. SecretStature of the neardistant Other. UnderWorldSore. Entropy.

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